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If you are looking for a career that will surely make your future brighter and more secure, then you may want to consider being a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Working as a CNA will not make you rich; however, it can provide you with a decent salary.

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CNA duties range from helping with a patient’s personal hygiene to taking the patient’s temperature readings. The job is demanding but there are several advantages.

Job opportunity: According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there is an expected job growth of 20% by 2020 for CNA because of a growing population of aged individuals. What’s more, the physical and emotional demands of the job leads to a higher turnover, which creates job opportunities for new nursing assistants.

Salary: Most licensed nursing assistants will have an hourly pay rate rather than a yearly pay rate. This is the reason that a certified nursing assistant will have different salary each day or month depending upon the number of hours he/she works.

Varied work environment: CNAs can choose from various working settings, depending on individual preferences. Many certified nursing assistants work in hospitals, some choose to work in clinics and others care for patients in their homes.

Job security: Amidst the economic turmoil, the healthcare field is the least affected since healthcare is an indispensable component of the economy.

What is taught in Online CNA Classes?

The online CNA programs cover material that will equip you in the nursing assistant medical field. You will study a number of subjects such as nutrition, anatomy, basic pharmacology, medical terminology, and much more. The certified nursing assistant course work is a stepping stone into medical field. Some people use this profession as their first step towards becoming a Licensed or Registered Nurse. Those individuals may work in the field as a certified nursing assistant while continuing their nursing education.

What Are the Advantages of Online CNA Training?

Why take CNA classes online? Over the past few years online training has become increasingly popular with over 6.7 million students enrolled in at least one online program. There has been a huge improvement in the quality of training for programs such as CNA classes online.

Benefits of Online CNA Programs:

Here are some of the benefits of enrolling in an online course as opposed to doing an in-person course:

Convenience- You are able to take your classes from anywhere in the planet with an internet connection. Imagine taking a class while lying in your bed, sitting by the pool, at the coffee shop, or almost anywhere.

Flexibility- Unlike in-person courses, you set your own class timetable that fits your busy lifestyle. This is ideal for parents or folks with full time jobs since you can study whenever you have time to spare. You will not have to miss your work day of family function to go to class.

Learning at your own pace- Not everyone can study at the same pace. Online classes are perfect for individuals who seem to do well by learning at their own pace rather than with the rest of the class. You can repeat a class whenever you have difficulties or move faster through sections that come easy.

How Much Does a CNA Course Online Cost?

The average cost of completing online CNA program is much less than attending in-person classes. The cost of a complete CNA program may range from $500 to $2,500. The cost depends on which school you choose. Online CNA classes from an in-state institution are usually cheaper than taking classes from out of state colleges or private institutions. Look for classes that are fairly priced but above all, accredited. A good strategy is to look for institutions that allow you to pay for classes in parts as you move towards course completion.

Salary and Career Outlook for CNAs

The average annual salary of the certified nursing assistant is from $20,000 to $30,000. You can opt for employments in home health in various clinics, hospitals and adult living homes. Remember that there are so many aging folks and individuals with serious conditions who need the services of competent nursing assistants. Majority of states are in dire need of CNAs.

Most certified nursing assistants are assigned to senior health management care or geriatric care. Likewise, mental healthcare institutions and clinics that specialize in serious chronic disorders need the services of certified nursing assistants. This means that you can expect employment stability in this medical industry.

Once you’re done with online CNA classes, you will be required to complete your state clinical hours in a nursing home setting or a hospital, and pass your CNA examination. If you pass your exams successfully, you will need to apply to your licensing office for your CNA certificate.

Top 5 Online CNA Schools for Certified Nursing Assistants

Hutchinson Community College

Hutchinson is one of the top online institutions that offer online CNA program. The online CNA course at Hutchinson Community College provides necessary theoretical portion of the certified nursing assistant coursework through online program.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross offers a well-known online CNA training program which is always in full compliance with the state regulations. Their classes usually consist of lab skills training, clinical rotations, and theory. After successful completion of Red Cross CNA classes, students are usually ready to sit for their state’s certification exam.

Century College

Century College offers accredited online CNA program at affordable price. The institution itself is accredited under Higher Learning Commission. The CNA training program is designed for those individuals who have a busy schedule and plan to work during their academic period.

Tulsa Community College

Prospective CNAs who complete Tulsa Community College online CNA program fulfill theoretical portion of CNA program requirement. Tulsa Community College CNA program also provides videos that cover proper administration of clinical skills.

Miles Community College

The Miles Community College has the facility of providing the CNA aspirants a blended online CNA program, encompassing the in-person clinical skills training classes at some nursing settings.


With an aging population, the need for certified nursing assistants has never been greater. As a matter of fact, many patients spend more time with trained nursing assistants than any other health care worker. A career as a certified nursing assistant could lead to numerous employments and benefits.

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