CNA Training Richmond VA

CNA’s help patients in eating, bathing, dressing /undressing or using the washroom. If they feel the patients have any issue they to notify the nurse under whose supervision they work.

In Richmond VA, a nursing assistant must attend and pass the training program.

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The benefits of being a CNA in Richmond VA

A certified nursing assistant career provides a plethora of benefits. Working as a certified nursing assistant won’t make you filthy rich, but it can offer you a respectable salary. In addition, the career is rewarding for people who enjoy caring for others. While the job itself is demanding and requires strong hearted individuals, you can derive a sense of fulfillment from helping patients. Also, since CNAs spend a lot of time with registered nurses, they have the opportunity to understand their job, which is beneficial if you are looking to advance to that position.

CNA salary expectations in Richmond VA

A career of a certified nursing assistant is a lucrative one. The salary largely depends on the facility and the job title. Some facilities pay more than others. The average CNA in Richmond, VA is a figure anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000 per year. An experienced CNA earns an average wage of $11 per hour. Some CNAs earn more than this, whilst others earn less. A CNA working in an emergency room may earn more than $11 than a CNA who is working in the ward.

Online CNA training courses in Richmond VA

There are a number of accredited nursing assistant certificate schools in Richmond VA that offer online CAN training courses. These courses are tailored to mould students in such a way that they acquire knowledge about different health risks and also in such tasks as preparing food for patients, changing the clothes of the patients, giving a bath to patients, among others. While online CNA training is as intense as a physical classroom environment, many of these programs are pocket friendly.

CNA training providers in Richmond VA

Richmond VA boasts good CNA colleges that provide extensive clinical trainings. If you want to enroll in CNA training Richmond VA, here are some of the top schools that are renowned for their impeccable academic programs.

American Red Cross

Led by experienced nurses, the American Red Cross provides clinical training to prepare students to take the exam and attain certification from VBN, Virginia Board of Nursing. The intensive training program has a high pass rate, and American Red Cross-trained CNAs are sought-after by numerous employers.

Phone: 804-780-2250

Address: 420 East Cary Street Richmond, VA 23219


Fortis College

Fortis College is another recommended option for people looking for cost effective CNA training program in Richmond VA. The school provides online and onsite based programs both of which are state accredited. The school has its own facility where students get to learn all the skills required for the job through real life experience.

Phone: Toll-Free number at 1-855-4-FORTIS


Virginia School for Nurse Aides

Facilitated by experienced nurses, Virginia School for Nurse Aides offers training programs to prepare you to enter the uncertain job market. The school offers comprehensive clinical training to make sure that students acquire the right set of skills and behavior required n the field.

Phone: 804-353-1747

Address: 3310 W. Clay St. Suite 100 Richmond, VA. 23230


Accuhealth Educational Systems

As one of the best colleges in the Richmond area, Accuhealth Educational Systems is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to become a CNA. The school provides different kinds of healthcare certificate courses alongside a wide array of course and can help with job placement once certification is complete. With this school, you are sure to get the best training Richmond has to provide.

Phone: 804-323-6900

Address: 6966 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, VA, 23225


Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing

This is yet another recommended place to get your CAN certification. The school is the only college in Richmond VA that only focuses on nursing, which is why it is one among the best options for your CNA training. The state require every CNA provider to have 70 hours of training classes but the school offers 120 hours of CNA classes in a bid to equip you with all the necessary skills.

Phone: (804) 828-0724

Address: 1100 East Leigh Street, Richmond, VA, 23298-0567


With the demand for CNAs constantly rising across the country, acquiring a nursing assistant certification is a more essential step. If you need to work in another state beside Virginia, there will always be the demand for CNAs.