CNA Training Nashville

The ever increasing number of senior citizens in Nashville means that more job opportunities will be witnessed in the health care sector. In recent times, there has been a surge of hospitals and other long-term care in Nashville and all of these represent job opportunities to CNA and other healthcare professionals.

CNA training Nashville, is therefore very rewarding to study CNA in Nashville.

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CAN Salary Expectations in Nashville

Nashville CNAs can look to earn an average of $26,000 a year. This amount compares favorably to most of the country. Of course, variances do arise here. Certain specialty areas earn you more pay while others earn less. For instance, the annual pay of a Caregiver CNA is $16,000 a year. On the other hand, a CNA HHA earns $19,000. On the other hand, a nursing assistant cna takes home $33,000 per year. Lastly, the salary of a resident care specialist Certified Nursing Assistant is about $20,000.

CNA Online training courses in Nashville

There are basically two ways of becoming a certified nursing assistant in Nashville. These include attending physical classes and learning online. Most schools in Nashville also offer the online version where students need not necessarily travel to attend classes. They can study anywhere and at anytime. The flexibility of online CNA classes has made it very appealing to busy people who may not find time to be regularly attending classes.

6 Top CNA Classes Providers in Nashville

Saint Thomas Health

One place that you can go to if you want to jumpstart your nursing journey is Saint Thomas Health. They offer training that prepares graduates to discharge their duties properly as well as be able to take proper care of patients.

First, students are taken through a rigorous classroom training which is then followed by practical training offered in a clinical setting. Also, students get equipped with knowledge and skills to enable them pass through state nurse aide assessment.

Phone: (615) 284-5555

Address: 2000 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37236


SASH Nurse Assistant Training Program

The course offered by SASH Nurse Assistant Training Program is a marathon one that stretches 120 hours. This covers both the theory and practical clinical component. For them to offer well-rounded education, schools also focus on cultural competency, psychosocial approach to healthcare and nurse assistant functions and skills.

Theory classes include patient rights, infection control, safety and emergency, patience independence and communication. Clinical training start in week 5 of the program and it is a requirement that every student attends full training before they can be allowed to graduate. They charge $700 which caters for tuition and workbook, textbook, TB skin test, handouts, CPR training, criminal background check and application fee.



Phone: (615) 321-2005

Address: 604 Gallatin Avenue, Suite 107, Nashville, TN 37206

American Red Cross

Prior to being enrolled at the American Red Cross Education Program, it is a requirement that prospective students attend an informational session that lasts one hour to learn more on the program as well as the requirements. Also, they can use this time to ask questions regarding the program’s instructors.

These sessions are conducted every Tuesday in Nashville area at Upon being enrolled at the program, students will learn all the skills that they require to become successful CNAs.


Phone: (615) 250-4300

Address: 2201 Charlotte Ave Nashville, TN 37203, USA

NATS, Inc.

The program provided by NATS, Inc nurse aide program has been accredited by Tennessee Department of Health. Day classes are completed by students in 5 weeks while it takes 7 weeks to complete evening classes. It has a very flexible curriculum that enables weekly enrollment. After completing training, students qualify to take state nurse aide test. Tuition charged is $800 and this applies both to evening and day classes. As a result of its close association with long-term care institutions and hospitals in Nashville, NATS is able to assist students who have graduated with job placement.


Phone: (615)333-8474

Address: 1161 Murfreesboro Rd, Suite 217, Nashville, TN, 37217

Tennessee College of Applied Technology

At the end of the training, graduates will be presented with a supplemental certificate. Students are trained on how to help patients with daily care as well as providing for their needs. During theory, clinical and lab training, students are taken through how to help patients with bathing, dressing, eating, transferring patients, observing and reporting any changes as well as conducting basic nursing skills.



Phone: (615) 425-5500


CNA, like any medical course, is highly in demand in Tennessee. Improved quality of life has meant that people live longer. This creates more demand for healthcare professionals like certified nursing assistants. Once you complete training, finding opportunities is not hard and the pay is also decent depending on your specialty. The above are all you need to know regarding becoming a CNA in Nashville.