CNA Training in Louisville

Individuals who have completed a CNA program have a vast array of career possibilities in Louisville. Working as a certified nurse assistant is certainly rewarding on many fronts, be it from a financial perspective or when you think in terms of job stability.

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Apart from this, the job gives you the opportunity to serve a noble cause by enhancing the quality of life for people they interact with. A professional certification allows you to work in a wide array of working environments.

Salary Expectations For A CNA In Louisville

Once the certification has been earned, a nurse assistant working in Louisville can expect to earn anywhere from $22,000 to $25,000 a year. The potential for growth in terms of remuneration and demand is projected to be high over the next decade. This translates to more job opportunities and steady growth in the future. It is always great to continue to accumulate professional skills and undergo educational courses that position them in a better position for better pay and higher positions.

To get started on your path to becoming a successful certified nursing aide, you need to seek out a CNA training program that has the required recognition. Most CNA programs will set forth certain stipulations which include a background check as well as a complete health check up. The minimum age for joining the program is 18 years. Schools are required to provide at least 16 hours of practicum training apart from 59 hours of classroom training. The exam entails two sections, the first being a written exam and the second a practicum test. You need to pass both to qualify as a recognized nurse aide.

Online Options

You can choose from a wide range of online courses that provide you with the ability to attain your qualification from home. These training sessions allow you to complete a major share of the program online. Universities such as Spalding University provide online courses for CNA.

Here are some of the major institutions in Louisville that provide recognized CNA Training Louisville.

RightChoice Health Care Institute


Address: 2301 Hurstbourne Village Dr #200, Louisville, KY 40299, United States

Phone: +1 502-974-2541

Additional info: The school offers a CNA program that provides students the opportunity to take the Kentucky State Exam. Individuals who have successfully completed the program are considered to be a State Registered Nurse Aide or SRNA, which is equal to CNA.

Kentucky Health Care Training Institute 


Address: 7400 New LaGrange Road Suite 103. Louisville, KY 40222.

Phone: 426-3338

Additional Info: With the reputation of providing quality training for nurse aides for more than two decades, the school’s strength lies in its faculty who have over 40 years of training experience and are amazingly dedicated towards ensuring that the students who pass out from this institute meet the highest standards consistently.

American Red Cross


Address: 510 E Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40202, United States

Phone: +1 502-589-4450

Additional Info: The institution provides NAT programs all over the country. As part of the course, students participate in standard classroom sessions as well as practical training sessions to ensure that they are fully capable of fulfilling any requirement. This is a very lucrative program that has high value in the nursing fraternity.

Spalding University


Address: 901 South Fourth Street, Louisville, KY 40203, United States

Phone: +1 502-585-9911

Additional Info: The training institute provides a program that is partially online. The students are allowed to participate 45 hours of classroom training in the first six weeks, following which they are required to undergo five exams. They are also required to participate in clinical schedules and lab test sessions. The format of training is slightly unconventional here; however, it fulfills all the requirements put forward by the state.

Why Being a Nursing Aide is a great Career Option

As far as the scope for work in Louisville is concerned, a vast majority of the nursing assistants in Louisville are involved in the care of senior citizens. That being said, the field of nursing is going through a period of radical change and different areas of work are opening up every day. CNA professionals who are consistent in their dedication towards their career can expect plenty of rewards over the years. The health sector is one area that is growing by leaps and bounds in the state and nursing aides continue to be in high demand in a wide range of sectors. Apart from a financially rewarding career, being a nurse aide lends you a great deal of respectability and honor as you are closely involved in the care of society and especially, the senior citizens of the country. There are few career options that provide you with this level of job satisfaction and social standing in the country. All said and done, a carefully planned career in this field will yield rich dividends.