CNA Training Dallas Tx

The health sector in Dallas is quite robust with lots of long-term care facilities and hospitals being built every other day.

This is good news for the health sector professionals as there are ready made opportunities once they finish their studies.

Find local cna training in Dallas and online CNA Classes below. It’s free!

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If you choose to study for Certified Nurse Assistant in Dallas, you are almost assured that there will be a job opportunity for you after completion of your course. And the best part is that in Dallas, you can complete your CNA classes in just three weeks!
CNA Salary expectations in Dallas

Dallas has one of the best salaries for Certified Nursing Assistants in the US. On average, a person working as a CNA in Dallas earns $25,000, according to This is 2% higher than the national average salary for the US. But salaries vary according to where you work, experience, level of training and specialization.

Online CNA training courses in Dallas

The online mode of training appeals to people who are busy and who can’ find time to attend classes regularly. There are many online cna training providers in Dallas. One of them is ACE nursing education services. With ACE, you can actually complete 100% of your courses online. You study at your own time, wherever you are and at your own pace!

Top CNA Training Providers in Dallas, TX

Brookhaven College

The college offers Nurse Aide Certification via their Workforce and Continuing Education department. Before starting the clinical aspect of training, students are required to undergo drug screening and criminal background check. Also, they must undergo Basic Cardiac Life Support as well as get 3 doses of Hepatitis B inoculation before they can be allowed to register for the course. The course content covers a total of 100 hours which are broken down into 60 hours lectures and the remaining 40 hours has been set aside for clinical training. The cost of tuition is $699. There is also financial aid if you qualify.


Phone: (972) 860-4700

Address: 3939 Valley View Lane Dallas, TX 75244

El Centro College

The nursing education at El Centro College is spearheaded by the Center for Allied Health and Nursing. Among the topics taught in the program’s 100-hour course are fundamental patient care, observation of patient, communication with patients, safety and patient rights.

After completing the course, students qualify to take state examination for Nurse Aid Certification. The total cost of the course is $942.13 and covers background check, training materials, state exam fee, immunizations and liability insurance.


Phone: (214) 860-2000

Address: 801 Main Street Dallas, TX 75202

TCI Dallas

Through the Texas Career Institute’s comprehensive Nurse Aide course, students are equipped with necessary skills to not only communicate but also care for patients in long-term care facilities and hospitals. The coursework cover several areas which include CPR, safety, vital signs, nutrition, patient transfer and body mechanics among many things. It particularly emphasizes on the skills needed to pass Texas Nurse Aide Certification test and also make it on the job. Those who qualify can get government grants and private loans.


Phone: (214) 275 9600

Address: 302 N. Buckner Blvd Ste. 116 Dallas TX 75228


Mountain View College

After completing the CAN program offered by Mountain View College, graduates are able to offer basic care to residents, observe as well as report problems, offer safety and preventive measures and work effectively in the health care team. On top of that, they are also eligible to take state CAN test which get them listed on Nurse Registry.

The class is divided into 80 hours 56 hours of which are spent in the classroom while the remaining 24 hours involve training at community nursing home.


Phone: (214) 860-8835

Address: 849 W. Illinois Avenue, Dallas TX 75211


As with any medical course, you cannot get it wrong with CNA training in Dallas. Thanks to good healthcare system, people are living longer, and this puts demand on the current health care personnel. There are plenty of opportunities in hospitals, long-term care institutions and nursing homes. Depending on where you land the job, you can take home a decent annual salary of up to $35,000 a year.