CNA Training Charlotte NC

Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina. It has a humid subtropical climate with 4 seasons. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Charlotte is beneficial since the job gives you versatile working hours and the rest of the time can be spent exploring the beautiful city.

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The salary of a CNA varies depending on various factors including if you are working full time or part time, your experience and the type of employment (whether you are working for an NGO, a mobile hospital or any other place). The median salary for a CNA in Charlotte is $30, 465 annually. 90 percent of CNAs working in Charlotte earn around $36, 382 annually. 75 percent earn $33, 562; 25 percent earn $27, 658 and 10 percent earn $25, 103 annually.

Online Training

There are various CNA online training courses available in Charlotte. Institutions offering such training include:

  1. Everest Institute
  2. Salter School of Nursing and Applied Health
  3. Kaplan University
  4. Florida Career College
  5. Everest University offer

All these institutions offer programs which include Patient Care Technician, Medical Assistant among others. Kaplan University offers Master of Science – DNP Executive Leader, Nurse Education Graduate Certificate and Associate of Applied Science: Medical Assisting

Training Institutions in Charlotte

There are various institutions for CNA training Charlotte where individuals can go for training. Some of them include:

1. Serenity Nursing Aide Academy
Phone No: 704-567-8000 or 704-567-9199
Address: 6636 E WT Harris Blvd, Suite E & G Charlotte, NC 28215
Fax: 704-567-4600

They offer both day and evening classes. Weekend classes are also available. The fee paid includes textbooks, CPR, application fee and a badge. You can take your state exam in the institution and afterwards, they offer job placement on completion of the course.

2. American Academy of Healthcare
Phone No: (704) 525-3500
Address: 4822 Albermarle Road Suite 110 Charlotte, NC 28205
Fax: (704) 536-5565

American Academy of Healthcare offer both day and evening classes. However, there are some courses which are available in the evenings only and some are available during the day only. All the programs, clinical or internship, are comprehensive and upon completion, the individual receives a Certificate of Completion. They have small classes to ensure each individual gets the attention required for growth and development.

3. Carolinas HealthCare
Phone No: 1-800-821-1535
Address: 1200 Blythe Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Carolinas College of Health Sciences have both classrooms and laboratories for students to use. They also have clinical facilities including Carolinas Medical Center, Carolinas Rehabilitation and Sardis Nursing Home among others. They provide Nurse Aide 1 and Nurse Aide 2 training programs. Registration is confirmed only if there is available space.

4. Umanah healthcare Institute
Phone No: 704-531-1100
Fax: 704-532-4638
Address: 5801 Executive Center Drive, Suite 103 Charlotte, North Carolina 28212

The program offered follows the curriculum put in place by the North Carolina state and it includes basic nursing skills among other things. The course takes 4 weeks but if you enroll for Saturday classes, then the course will take 8 weeks. The school has a high passing rate which is 98 percent to 100 percent. Clinical for the students are held in long-term facilities in Charlotte. Day and evening classes are available. Weekend Saturday classes are also available for those who cannot make it during the week

5. American Red Cross
Phone No: 704-376-1661
Address: 2425 Park Road Charlotte, NC 28203

The program offered by the American Red Cross consists of comprehensive lab, classroom and hands-on clinical experience. This will prepare you well enough for the test. The program takes just 4 weeks, running from Monday to Friday. After applying for classes, the American Red Cross team will contact you to let you know whether your admission was successful or not. They usually encourage applicants not to send emails to know their application status.

The Red Cross Training Program

6. Divine Health Academy
Phone No: 704-566-2955; 704-566-2956
Fax: 704-566-2957
Address: 5633 Monroe Road Charlotte, NC 28212

Divine Health Academy offer weekend classes, day classes and evening classes. For those who may not be able to pay the fees, the school offers student loans but only for those who qualify for it.

Summing Up

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a good career option since you will be helping many people and they will appreciate it. You also get exposure to other health related careers and it will be much easier for you to advance to a professional position in future. If you are planning on becoming a registered nurse, then you will be exempted from some classes since and you will thus complete the program much earlier.