CNA Training Boston

If you are interested to become a CNA in Boston, you should be well-informed about the CNA courses, job prospects and the salaries. Boston is the capital and the largest city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Like many other cities, even, Boston has several job opportunities in this field. 

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Nursing salary in Boston

The salary of a nursing assistant in Boston depends on several factors like, education, location, years of experience and even the performance level. The average salary for CNA has been found to be $31,000, which is higher compared to most of the other prominent cities in the country. However, the lowest salary for this position in Boston has been found to be $19,000 and the highest is around $40,000.

Online training facilities in Boston

If you are planning to join the online courses in Boston, you can consider consulting with professional certified nursing assistant to know the details of the courses. They might even suggest you about which online program you can take up. Before joining the program, be sure that your program and the institute are recognized by the Massachusetts Office of Human and Health Services.

CNA training centers in Boston

After completing any of CNA training Boston students will become eligible for applying in the state examination to become a Certified Nurse Assistant in Boston. The programs will help students to develop the skills to work in health care environments. In order to take this training a student requires to be 16 years of age. They should also pass the assessment examination.

These institutes provide enough information to students and teach them the required skills, so that they can provide quality care to the patients in nursing homes, hospitals and even to the clients at home. They teach the hands on skills like recording of vital signs, bathing and bed making. The programs also focus on the principles of care, i.e., safety, privacy, dignity, communication and independence.

These institutes have well-trained teachers. They also provide practical experiences to students, so that they can have hands-on experience as they learn in realistic clinical settings. Here is a list of some popular CNA training centers in Boston for your guidance.

  1. Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston


Address: 51 Sleeper Street, Boston, MA 02210

Phone: (617) 482-5440

  1. JVS Boston


Address: 75 Federal Street, Boston, MA 02110

Phone: (617) 399-3211


  1. Notre Dame Education Center


Address: 200, Old Colony Avenue, South Boston, MA 20127

Phone: (617) 268-1912

  1. Tufts University


Address: Catholic Charities, 275 West Broadway, South Boston, MA, 02127

Phone: (617) 464-8544

  1. Bunker Hill Community College


Address: 250 New Rutherford Ave, Charlestown, MA 02129

Phone: (617) 228-2000

  1. American Red Cross


Address: 139 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02142

Phone: (617) 274-5200

Why are CNA jobs considered to be a great career option?

The job for certified nursing assistants may vary from helping patients with personal hygiene to taking their temperature readings. Even though the job is considered to be quite demanding in many cases, there are several advantages of taking this job in Boston.

Short training programs: Compared to most other professional courses, CNA training programs last for a very short span in Boston. Mostly the courses get completed within a span of six weeks.

Affordable Training Fees: In comparison with other careers in the health industry, CNA training programs are quite inexpensive in Boston. The costs of the program vary depending on the facilities that the institutions have to offer, but, in most cases the cost remains within $2000.

Exposure to other health careers: There nursing assistants of Boston get to work closely with the licensed vocational nurses and registered nurses. So, they get the opportunity to watch these professionals on a daily basis on a daily basis. Thus, it can prove to be very beneficial if someone plans to take up these positions in the future. These professionals can even provide guidance which can help you to take the right career decisions.

Good pay package: In Boston the annual pay packages for the CNAs who are starting their career are also quite good. On an average one can expect to get around $25,000. However, this salary may rise with experience and personal growth.

Easy job Availability: In Boston there is a wide range of job openings for CNAs, like, hospitals, nursing homes, baby health care facilities, clinics and even home services. These job opportunities are growing in Boston at a faster pace compared to other sectors.