CNA Classes & Programs in Los Angeles

A CNA’s primary role is to offer basic care to patients and assist them in day to day activities they may have trouble with. Working as a CNA can be a great career. While aspiring CNAs in Los Angeles must complete a specialized training program, this career choice offers a huge availability of jobs and the barrier for the job entry is low than for most positions in the medical field.

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CNA salary expectations in Los Angeles

Once you have completed your CNA training in Los Angeles and passed the CNA competency test, you can work as a CNA. The average pay for a CNA in Los Angeles is $11.45-$14 an hour. This equates to $20,000-$24,000 per annum. In addition, people working as CNAs generally receive about a week of paid vacation annually. Experience is one of the factors that affect CNAs salaries in Los Angeles, California.

CNA online training courses in Los Angeles

If you are thinking of building a career within the healthcare industry, you should take advantage of CNA training courses offered online by the many recognized and accredited institutions in L.A. What you will learn in these online CNA classes will be aimed at assisting you pass the written portion of the test. The certification exam is comprised of 50 multiple-choice questions that test your knowledge about what to do in varying situations that CNAs encounter in their workplace.

Top CNA schools in L.A, California

To work as a CNA in L.A, you are required to complete 160 hours of academic as well as clinical training sessions. L.A is a great city to train for a CNA career since there are a multitude of good schools. To help you make the right decision, we have compiled a list of recognized and accredited CNA training providers in the city.

  1. Ararat Convalescent Hospital

Crammed with skilled instructors, this facility will prepare you for a career in CNA. Their programs are designed to assist you complete your training as fast as possible. The college offers flexible scheduling which means you can attend classes anytime from anywhere. The college strives to equip student with knowledge so they can find new opportunities once they complete their training.

Phone: (323) 256-8012


Address: 2373 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, California – 90041

  1. Country Villa Los Feliz

Country Villa Los Feliz is another recommended facility for aspiring CNAs in L.A. The college is one of the few institutions that have its own facility where trainees get to learn the techniques needed for the career through real-life experience. Their training program is tailored to meet the needs of the health sector, making it a solid option for people seeking CNA training.

Phone: (323) 666-1544, (310) 574-3733


Address: 3002, Rowena Avenue, Los Angeles, California – 90039

  1. Brierwood Terrace Convalescent Hospital 

Your interest in Brierwood Terrace Convalescent Hospital is a significant first step toward impacting the lives of others in a positive manner. As one among the best CNA training providers in L.A, Brierwood Terrace Convalescent Hospital is a great choice for people who aspire to work as CNAs. Facilitated by experienced trainers, the facility will equip you with the right skill set and techniques required for certification.

Phone: (323) 655-8390, (310) 652-3030

Address: 1480, S. La Cienega Bl., Los Angeles, California – 90035

  1. Country Villa Maple Healthcare

This college will give you unique advantage over other CNAs. The complete training that the school offers makes its graduates among the nation’s best trained. The college equips students with the clinical expertise, techniques, and knowledge to work in a demanding medical setting. Their program also provided graduates with unique emphasis on punctuality, professionalism, and devotion towards work.

Phone: (213) 747-6371


Address: 2625, S. Maple Avenue, Los Angeles, California- 90011

  1. American Red Cross 

The American Red Cross provides CNA training through its NAT, Nurse Assistant Training program. During the training the instructors teach students the clinical skills required to become CNAs and offer such basic care as bathing, dressing, feeding, and monitoring the patients so they can work in such care settings as nursing homes, hospitals as well as in-home health care.

Phone: (310) 445-9900


Address: 11355 Ohio Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025


CNA is among the most respectful careers. In addition to providing you with an opportunity to positively change the lives of others, it is also a great way to start a specialized nursing career if you decide to do so. Also, because of the shortage of nurses, most facilities pay better packages to hire them.