CNA Classes in Washington DC

CNA is the acronym for Certified Nursing Assistant. CNA trained professionals provide medical assistance and help to people in need and distress. They generally work from some health care facility or hospitals. They are mainly associated to taking care and assisting the people who need extensive care and are not able to look for themselves.

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Elderly patients, chronic medical and clinical patients and patients who are into some kind of rehabilitation programs come directly under their supervision and care. The opportunities for career growth are pretty impressive as a CNA and you can expect great pay after being one. In Washington, the pay is good, the conditions of the hospitals are good and a CNA can expect good treatment from the fellow colleagues in there.

To become a CNA in Washington, you are required to go through these steps:

  • To pass a standard course: you need to get certified from an institution which is accredited by the respective state
  • Qualify the relevant state’s CNA certification exams
  • Pass the practical or lab exam
  • Have some experience under medical supervision: ask and contact some health care facility to give you training which can be deemed as experience under the supervision of some medical personnel
  • Register your name and services
  • You need to be at least 18 years or older
  • Clear of any criminal charges
  • Diploma or graduate
  • Fluency in reading, writing and speaking English.

After getting registered as a CNA by the authorities, you can apply to the services of the respective states. American Red Cross Society provides a course of their own in CNA training and their training facilities are deemed as very extensive.

The types of institutes who provide CNA training Washington are:

  1. Community colleges
  2. Institutes of health care
  3. Vocational schools etc.

As a CNA in Washington, you can expect a healthy salary of $25000 to $28000 upon joining. The salary rises with experience and your expertise.

There are a number of colleges and institutions in Washington who provide CNA training and facilities and upon completion, award certificates. Some of those famed institutes are:

  1. University of the District of Columbia

The popular program in this institute offer you a degree or a diploma certificate depending upon your expertise and educational qualifications. The training and teaching program is rigorous and the program is known widely to make the trainers perfect and worthy professionals.

Address: 4200, Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington DC- 20008

Phone: (202) 274-5000


  1. Capital Health Institute

The second in the list is Capital Health Institute. This organization takes applications from American citizens above 18 years of age. The program includes several hours of classroom program followed by a standard lab practicing curriculum. They award the certificate after successful completion of the program and that certificate enables you to join any health care facility in Washington.

Address: 7826, Eastern Avenue, Northwest 515, Washington DC- 20012

Phone: (202) 722-8830


  1. Home Care Partners

Next comes Home Care Partners. This is a community based institute and offers you a certificate program on becoming a CNA. The classroom and lab programs are pretty standard and deemed as among the bests in the state and the city.

Address: 1234, Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest, Suite C-1002, Washington DC- 20005

Phone: (202) 638-2382


  1. Nursing Enterprises , Inc.

Nursing Enterprises deals especially in training and certification of various nursing and related programs. Their CNA training program includes some other facilities which are commonly given only to nursing students. Te training program is extensive and gives you a good outlook to the world of CNA.

Address: 5101, Wisconsin Avenue, Northwest Suite-250, Washington DC- 20016

Phone: (877) 482-6877


  1. Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

This institute also gives you the required training to become a CNA and offers you the certificate to enable you to work in any health facilities in the state of Washington.

Address: 1100, Harvard Street, Northwest Washington DC- 20009

Phone: (202) 797-4700


  1. Comprehensive Health Academy

This is another of the famed institutes in Washington to give you the necessary training for taking a career as a CNA. The program is extensive and offers you a certificate upon completion.

Address: 1106, Bladensburg Road Northeast, Washington DC- 20002

Phone: (202) 388-5500


Becoming a CNA gives you an option to a healthy career with stimulating benefits and pay packages. If you are someone who wishes to provide a hand for the society, then being a CNA is the perfect career option for you.