CNA Classes In San Jose

If you are thinking about choosing CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant as your career option in San Jose, it should prove to be a great decision. San Jose, which is the largest city in California and the largest city in the Bay Area, has several job opportunities of CNA. Another advantage is that, the pay scale of CNA in San Jose is also higher compared to other cities.

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CNA Salary in San Jose

The average salary for CNA job openings in San Jose is 41% higher than the job positions of any other part of the country. As per the data of June, 2015, the CNA salary in San Jose average salary remains within the range of $30,000 to $40,000. However, at certain places salary has been found to be as low as $21,000 and even as high as $45,000.

Online training program in San Jose

There are several online courses of CNA training in San Jose that can be availed. But, you really need to be careful while choosing the institute. The CNA program or that institute should be recognized by the California Board of Vocational Nursing or the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. You should even know about the effectiveness of the course with regards to the certification test.

Top CNA training providers in San Jose

There is a wide range of job opportunities for CNA in San Jose. You will require to obtain a certification before you can provide services in the licensed nursing homes of the city. You will also require to pass the state certification exam, a physical exam and will have to have a clean criminal record to become a nursing assistant. Here is a list of state-accredited nurse aid training providing institutions.

Bay Area College of Nursing

It offers a course of over 150 hours, which helps to prepare the students for California’s Nursing Assistant examination. The course teaches about different aspects of prospective nurse aids and also deals with the basic nursing principles.

The total cost of the course, including entrance exam, state examination fees and supplemental fees is, $1,240.


Address: 702 East SantaClara St., San Jose 95112

Phone: (408) 280-6888

 South Bay School of Nursing

The institute offers 150 hours of combined clinical, lab and classroom training. You can opt for day, evening or even the weekend classes.


Address: 1580 Oakland Road, Suite C-106 San Jose, CA 95131

Phone: (408) 546-7282


West Med College

The tuition fees that is charged in this institute is $1,751. You can avail the day classes as well as the evening classes as per your convenience.


Address: 3031 Tisch Way, Suite 3PW, San Jose, CA 95128-2561

Phone: (408) 236-1170

Silicon Valley School of Nursing

Address: 1670 Oakland Road, Suite-D 100, San Jose, CA 95131

Phone: (408) 392-0081

Nurse Education Workshops

The cost of the course is very low compared to what other institutes have to offer.

Address: 1777 Hamilton Ave, Ste 20080, San Jose, CA 95125

Phone: (408) 269-3715

Hospice of the Valley

Address: 4850 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, Cambarian Park

Phone: (408) 559-5600

  1. Evergreen Valley College

The cost of the course is around $2,989, which includes tuition fees, book and other expenses.


Address: 3095 Yerba Buena Road, San Jose, CA 95135

Phone: (408) 274- 7900

There are several positive aspects of choosing a CNA as a career option in San Jose. Compared to other job opportunities, CNA jobs are increasing at a higher rate and thus, you will have several options for jobs once you obtain the certificate. You can get a handsome salary for this job in the city, which is higher compared to elsewhere. You can even expect a good amount of money for the overtimes.

This is also a highly secured job, as even during the economic turmoil, the requirements of nurse aids remain unaffected. You will even get many working alternatives like, nursing homes, clinics, long term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, residential care facilities, etc. Another positive part of the job is that, it provides a sense fulfillment because you are contributing to the welfare of the society.