CNA Classes in Phoenix

CNA stands for certified nursing assistant who provide their services as specialized nurses in various nursing homes and hospitals. They help the elderly patients to perform their daily routine activities like providing their daily medication, body wash, regular clinical check up etc.

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They are primarily assigned with the chronic medical patients, elderly patients and rehabilitation patients who are not generally able to do their tasks by themselves. The opportunities and scopes are great and one can settle for a nice and healthy career being a CNA. The basic educational requirements and qualifications are different in various states for the CNA. The general requirements are almost the same but they vary in a few aspects. The general requirements of being a CNA are:

  • To pass an recognized course
  • Qualify the respective state’s CNA qualification exams
  • Pass the practical exam which will certify various practical abilities of you as a CNA
  • Try to get some on duty practical experiences under some supervision by the authority
  • Register yourself in the state’s CNA services.

After completing the requirements mentioned enough you are finally allowed to get a registration as a CNA in the state. However, if you move to some other state, you might need to go through the procedures or at least some of them in order to get a registration in that particular state. The examinations for qualifying as CNA are taken by the American Red Cross Society along with some other providers. The course and curriculum provided and acknowledged by the American Red Cross Society encompasses all the situations and medical conditions that might arise during one’s tenure as a CNA.

The CNA training and certification is awarded by a number of different societies and organizations. Some of the types of those organizations to provide CNA training in Phoenix are:

  • Community colleges
  • On job training
  • Agencies providing home and health care
  • Vocational schools
  • Programs for elderly care etc.

The career of CAN is also good in monitory basis and provide healthy sum of salaries for the practitioners. If you are trying to get a job as a CNA in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, then you might be looking at a figure of $21000 in starting of your career. The pay obviously rises with your experience and expertise and you can easily plan to settle down with a career as a CNA.

In Phoenix, Arizona, there are a number of companies and institutions who provide you the basic training and certificates to be qualified as a CNA. Some of the most famed and appropriate institutions like that are:

  1. Cactus Wren

The popular Cactus Wren Training Facility gives the practitioners a basic training of 120 hours. The total 120 hours include 60 hours of extensive classroom training which is followed by 40 hours of clinical training and 20 hours of lab training for each and every student in there. Applicants should at least be 16 years old and have a proof of citizenship.

Address: 11024 N. 28th Dr., Ste. 265 Phoenix, Arizona 85029

Phone: (602) 633-2730

  1. Gateway Community College

They provide the Certificate of Completion which is acknowledged by every health care facility in Phoenix. They provide clinical and classroom training and make the applicants ready for the exams they might have to undertake to join the health care facilities of the city.

Address: 108 N. 40th Street, Phoenix, AZ USA 85034

Phone: (602) 286-8000


  1. Phoenix College

They provide the certificate course to assign the students with the registration as nurse and a CNA. The students must pass the institute’s security and health clearances before admission.

Address: 1202 W. Thomas Road Phoenix, Arizona 85013

Phone: (602) 285-7800


  1. Accord Healthcare Institute

This institute provides 128 hours of extensive training as a CNA. The graduates are eligible to sit for the state entrance test which will accredit them as a practicing CNA.

Address: 2023 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015

Phone: (602) 714-3439


  1. Brookline College

Brookline College in Phoenix provides a training of 146 hours which include 77 hours of classroom training and 40 hours of clinical training.

Address: 2445 W. Dunlap Avenue, Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85021-5820

Phone: (602) 242-6265


  1. Dessert Winds Institute

They provide 100 hours of training. The faculty of this institute also makes sure that all the 22 skills needed for becoming a CNA are well met.

Address: 67 East Weldon Suite 310 Phoenix, AZ 85012

Phone: (602) 266-0382


Become a CNA, it gives you a healthy career with exciting benefits and salary packages. If you are the one who wishes to serve the society, then becoming a CNA might as well mean a dream come true for you.