CNA Classes in Colorado Springs

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) usually spend a lot time with patients and typically assist them with most of their basic needs. Because they are the first point of contact between patients and nurses, they play an integral role in the lives of their patients.

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If you derive pleasure from helping others, this career will bring you contentment, happiness and pride. Also, CNAs earn higher salaries. With experience as well as personal growth, the pay package can also rise.

CNA salary expectation in Colorado Springs

The salary of CNAs in Colorado Springs is not uniform and depends upon where you are working. For instance, larger institutions hold a better prospect to provide higher salary packages compared to smaller institutions. As mentioned earlier, the job experience can as well lay an impact on one’s salary. The average salary of a CNA in Colorado Springs is $21,000 to $29,000 per annum.

CNA online training Colorado Springs

Online CNA training is like traditional classroom training but it is done online. The topics covered and requirements are the same. There are a number of accredited nursing colleges in Colorado Springs that offer online nursing programs. These programs are tailored to allow aspiring CNAs to take care of other things while undertaking their training. Taking CNA online courses could get you to your new profession faster than taking a course in a class room setting as you learn at your own pace.

Providers of CNA training Colorado Springs

People who want to build a career in CNA must complete state approved training and certification examination at an accredited exam site. The cost of taking a CNA course in Colorado Springs is between $300 and $1700. Some providers allow students to pay fees in easy installments, while others require full pay. Here are some of the best CNA training providers that will adequately prepare you to sit for the exam.

  1. NTSOC

The CNA program at NTSOC is comprised of both classroom hours as well as clinical experience to allow student to practice, providing care to a pseudo-client prior to providing care to real patients. The instructors are highly skilled to provide students with the knowledge and understanding they need to safely carry out the responsibilities of a nurse assistant. The tuition cost is $950 and is for non-slip closed toe shoes, Flu shot, scrubs, and a TB test.

Phone: (719) 574-5562


Address: NTSOC 1130 West Woodmen Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80919

  1. Nurse Nancy LLC

The comprehensive CNA training offered by skilled and relatable instructors provides advanced preparatory knowledge for student to pass CNA test and become professional CNAs. The school provides 104 hours of comprehensive training which is comprised of at least 50 hours of classroom lecture, 23 hours for externship, 22 hours of clinical experience as well as 6 hours of testing—enough proof that you are in good hands.

Phone: (719) 648-1020


Address: 7870 N. Academy Blvd., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920

  1. Avanza Training

The CNA training program at Avanza Training will equip you with the knowledge you need to work as a CNA. The facility covers 40 hours of lecture, 20-hours laboratory, and 20-hours clinical training under the guidance of experienced nurses. Tuition cost is $625 and includes textbook, student manual, blood pressure cuff, pair of scrub as well as blank DVDs to record lectures. Trainees must present the results of their background check and TB test after two days of class.

Phone: (719) 362-7711

Address: 2598 Palmer Park Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO


  1. Goodwill Industries 

If you are looking for a provider who will give you an edge over other CNAs, we recommend Goodwill Industries of Colorado. The school will adequately prepare you to sit for the certification exam. That’s not all. You won’t have to pay for your training as the institution is dedicated to helping you reach your highest level of economic independence.

Phone: (719) 635-4483


Address: 1460 Garden of the Gods Road Colorado Springs, CO 80907

  1. Beo Personal Care

The three-week course at this institute prepares student to pass the state certification test successfully. Over the three weeks, students complete a total of 92-hours of theory and clinical training. The tuition costs $900 inclusive of watch with second hand, stethoscope/BP kit, textbooks, gait belt, background check, tote, TB skin test, name badge, a set of scrubs, BLS course and urine drug test.

Phone: (719) 385.0200


Address: 1442 N. Hancock Ave Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903


In conclusion, CNA is an excellent career. The increasing requirement for CNAs in Colorado Springs has resulted in an increased salary figures. Choose an accredited school and achieve economic independence while impacting the lives of others in a positive manner.