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There has been a significant development in terms of technology and economic growth in Denver over the past few years. This is a good sign that people can now find greener pastures, especially in the healthcare.

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In Denver, skilled medical doctors and nurses are becoming hot cakes within the city and places like Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada and Boulder among others. If you are interested in turning your compass to the direction of success and fruitful future, registering for Certified Nursing Assistant classes in Denver is your stepping stone.

Denver CNA Salary Information

Yes, Salary expectation is always the second thing on the list to think about when enrolling for a given course. Denver CNAs and the surrounding areas offer a pretty salary. Depending on your specialization and available facilities you will be employed, there will be a slight variance in the salary earned per year. However, this does not affect the average salary of $25,000 that CNAs in Denver get. More urban areas also tend to offer a huge average wage. The compensation graph also varies per year. You can get less or more depending in the circumstances of every year. To cut the story short, a Ltc CAN Denver walks home with $29,000 while a caregiver companion earns $16-18,000. For a nurse assistant CAN, expect to check $33,000 if you are in a modern city while those in the residential areas go with $20,000.

Essential Skills Learned in CAN Training Programs

It’s a fact that most CNA programs differ in terms scope of the skills taught. However, to ensure standard and quality, CNA trainers and providers around Denver must give a minimum professional skill set for all graduates as stated on the federal/state guidelines. Some of the skills that CNA Denver will learn include:

  • How to use protective devices and restraints with patients
  • How to provide patients with necessary physical care like dressing, washing, shaving and nail trimming.
  • How to give basic safety when handling medical equipment and patients
  • Gain knowledge on teamwork and how to handle staff members
  • Learn to communicate with employees and patients

CNA Training Provider in Denver and its Surroundings

  1. College America – Denver – 1385 S Co – Blvd. 5th floor

Since 1964, this college has produced great people in the world who have saved lives. You can step toward changing your life by landing in this collage. As a career-focused student, you will be able to land a good job with potentially higher income, better benefits, and more satisfaction. Call 303-300-8740 to get more information.


Diploma, Nurse Assistant Diploma, Medical Assistant Diploma, Vocational Nursing And more…

  1. Community College – Denver – 1070 Alton Wy Bldg 849

Community Collage of Denver aims at providing the best for the CNAs to be. It has partnered with the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) to provide comprehensive, efficient and supportive environment for the students. Call 303-556-2600 and speak to Cheery Creek about your desire to learn. You will get the best advice and be taught by professionals like him.

  1. St. Lukes Ministry – 915 E. 9th Avenue

St.Lukes will give that opportunity that you have always wanted. You will also learn to perform diagnostic x-ray procedures and be a part of a dynamic healthcare professional. The outcome is always a success with St.Lukes. Contact Lowry Campus by calling 303-365-8300 or visit


Licensed Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Professional Medical Assistant And more…

  1. New Nursing Assistant Program – 6795 – Tennessee Ave, Ste 210

This is where physical assistants, medical assistants, and technicians come from. This institution is located in Monaco central park. Several students from neighboring students like East Denver and Washington Virginia also go to this institute.Visit or call (720) 377-7114.


Nursing Assistant Medical Assisting Dental Assistant And more

  1. National American Univeristy – 1325 S Co – Blvd, Ste 100

If you are in South Colorado, then this is where you to learn CNA. It is one of the leading collages in America and was founded in 1941. National American University serves those in Denver. It also offers online programs. To get more information call. 303-876-7100


Licensed Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Professional Medical Assistant And more…

All the above providers ensure that the courses are divided into a theoretical portion that is usually presented during classroom instruction and practical part presented in a clinical setting. The two portions are provided by qualified and experienced health professionals who are committed to helping students achieve their career goals.

After the completion of your course, you will be able to work as a licensed CNA. Some of the above providers offer an internship for their students to help them get work experience and techniques they have learned before going to seek jobs.

In conclusion, CNA is currently becoming one of the well-paying careers in its category. Apart from the good pay, you will do an excellent job in helping thousands of people with the skills and experience you learn. This way, you will be giving back to the society. Enroll today and discover your passion.