Higher education in any form, provides innumerable advantages to the graduate – from earning power, to cultural enrichment. Undergraduate degrees may be considered both priceless and pricey, and they don’t necessarily guarantee financial superiority. What they do firmly provide is a foundation. The same may be said of a CNA, but this path is far less risky, and eases a considerable financial burden associated with traditional college coursework. The advantages of pursuing a CNA certification over an undergraduate degree include:

  • Financial savings
  • Commensurate initial earnings
  • Broad range of high-level career paths
  • Variety of invaluable patient services

According to, the average college graduate can expect to make between $37,000 – 48,000 annually. The average salary for a newly certified CNA is between $18,000 – 35,000. 

The national average for one year of undergraduate schooling at a liberal arts university will cost the student between $9,000 – 32,000. 

The national average to complete a CNA certification is between $1,000 – 1,500. 

Becoming a CNA creates a great foundation, should you choose to follow a specialized nursing track. After achieving the CNA, many nurses advance to: 

  • Medical Assistant
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Registered Nurse 
  • Ambulatory Nurse
  • Pediatric Nurse
  • ER Nurse
  • NICU Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • APRN
  • Nurse Anesthetist

While each nursing position above provides a proud, and well-paying career – the nursing professions toward the bottom of this list can also fetch up to six-figure salaries. To better illustrate the upward mobility of a CNA, please refer to the CNA “Nursing Ladder of Success”.

CNA’s provide a catalogue of invaluable patient services. Here is a glimpse from the wide variety of tasks experienced nurses perform:

  • Educating and caring for patients
  • Building rapport with patients, patients’ families and other clients
  • Supervising the quality of care delivered by other medical personnel such as licensed practical nurses, enrolled nurses, and unlicensed assistive personnel
  • Working with different patients, observing their behavior (diet, exercise and hygiene) and keeping clear records. Experienced Nurses can also specialize in one of the many possible fields such as cardiac care, , dermatology or neurologic care
  • Performing medical histories, physical exams, signs and symptoms evaluation, and diagnostic tests
  • Administering treatments, medications, wound care and many different forms of interventions
  • Establishing and reviewing effective treatment plans, interpreting patient information, operating medical equipment, and making critical decisions on necessary actions
  • Conducting research to find new and creative ways of delivering quality care, better nursing practice and patient outcomes

CNA’s comprise a proud portion of the medical community, and in choosing this career path, you are joining a collective of learned, civic-minded people. This community will shift and take on new shapes as the CNA’s career grows, but it will be omni-present – ever-available to assist, and to guide. Above all the aforementioned tidings the CNA certification carries, it is the forever approachable medical community you’ll belong to, that may be the greatest advantage of the CNA.

26 Funny Jokes You’ll Understand if You’re a Nurse

26 funny nursing jokes

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“All bleeding stops … eventually.”

“Be nice to me! I may be your nurse someday, and I’m the one who chooses your catheter size.”

“Code Brown does not mean that your patient brought you a box of chocolates.” (Code Brown = Patient needs to be cleaned up from their bowel movement.)

“Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.”

“Don’t mess with me — I get paid to poke people with sharp objects.”

“Ever get to work and immediately just be like, “Fuck this, I’m out”

“How can anybody hate nurses? Nobody hates nurses. The only time you hate a nurse is when they’re giving you an enema.”

“I avoid unhealthy looking people at the mall for fear that I may have to CPR on my day off.”

“I’m a nurse. Let me tell you what I am not. Your WAITRESS. Your SERVANT. Your DRUG DEALER . Your PUNCHING BAG.”

“It is too bad that having a job which sucks life out of you does not suck the fat from your ass.”

“Laughter is not the best medicine … Propofol is!”

“Nurses may not be angels, but they are the next best thing.”

“Nursing friendships are a different kind of love; like, ‘I’ll hold the butt cheeks while you clean the butt crack’ kind of love!’

“Nursing school: where your classmates see you more than your family.”

“Nursing: Expose yourself to rare, exotic and exciting new diseases!”

“Remember, I’m a nurse. You’re going to have to say a lot to gross me out.”

“Since I started nursing school, I get less sleep at night than you get during a nap.”

“Treat your nurse well. ‘I can walk as slow or as fast as I choose to retrieve that pain medication you requested.“1


“Yes I’m nurse. No, I don’t want to look at it.”

“You can’t cure stupid, but you can sedate it.”

“You think Mondays are bad? Try working weekends, holidays and 12 hours night!”

"Always thank your nurse. Sometimes they’re the only one between you and a hearse." – Warren Beatty

"How do nurse day “F@*% you”? ..”Yes doctor”."

"Nurses are I.V. leaguers."

"What did the nurse say when she found a rectal thermometer in her pocket? “Some butthole has my pen!”"


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26 Funny Nurse Jokes Only a True Nurse Would Understand

27 Nursing Quotes & Jokes That Veteran Nurses Totally Understand

27 Nursing Quotes & Jokes That Veteran Nurses Totally Understand

See Also: 26 Funny Jokes You'll Understand if You're A Nurse!

1. “A new nurse comes in with the perfect hair and makeup. An old nurse comes in and is just glad to be there.”

2. “A new nurse doesn’t want the patient to fall because she doesn’t want him to get hurt. And old nurse doesn’t want the patient to fall because she hates paperwork.”

3. “A new nurse gets scared when a doctor yells. An old nurse yells back.”

4. “A new nurse is excited to sign everything. An old nurse tries not to sign anything.”

5. “A new nurse tries so hard to please the patient’s family members. An old nurse tries so hard to avoid them.”

6. “A new nurse worries that the patient might die. An old nurse knows that there are worse things than dying.”

7. “A new nurse writes notes on a pad. An old nurse writes on a napkin, at the back of their hand, or even on their forearm.”

8. “Dear god please let me have all skinny patients tomorrow. Amen”

9. “Did you want to talk to the Doctor in charge or the nurse who knows what’s going on?”

10. “Hit your call light again and see what happens.”

11. “How is it that waitresses refill drinks and get tipped 15%, but I clean up poop, scrub feet, wash hair, provide medicine and keep people alive and still get yelled at?”

12. “How many nurses does it take to screw a light bulb? None-Its delegated to the nursing students.”

13. “I’m a nurse. I’m here to save your butt, not kiss it.”

14. “I’m sorry, honey. Mommy is a nurse, so we only go to a doctor if we’re dying.”

15. “I’ve come to the realization that I’ll touch anything as long as I have gloves on.”

16. “If I collapse at work, here is the list of doctors I don’t want working on me.”

17. “Not all patients are annoying, some are unconscious.”

18. “Nursing would be a dream job if there were no doctors, nurse in charge and patients"

19. “Some people think that doctors and nurses can put scrambled eggs back in the shell.”

20. “Tried to go a whole day without talking about bowels. !FAILED!”

21. “Yes, I charted that I charted what I previously charted. Wait, hold on I have to chart that I told you about my charting.”

22. "If love can’t cure it, nurses can."

23. "Nursing would be a dream job if there were no doctors." ~Gerhard Kocher

24. "Nursing: Where else can you experience the thrill of having total strangers poop in front of you like it’s totally your business?”

25. "The only chance I got to sit down today was on toilet.”

26. "You know you are a nurse when you find yourself betting on someone’s blood alcohol content."

27. “Multiple traumas – A unit full of ventilators and patients trying to die on me all day…I’m sorry what were you saying about your busy day with the stapler?”


See Also: 26 Funny Jokes You'll Understand if You're A Nurse!